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Hurricane Ike Update

Hey everyone – just thought I’d share a few details of the last few days along with some pictures.  I will say that I’m very lucky and was spared a lot of major damage.  What was damaged can be fixed really quickly and relatively cheaply – at least that’s the case at home.  My office is another story, but I’ll get to that in a minute – back to last week for now…

Last Wednesday I flew in from Bham, filled up with gas and headed on home.  This is important because I had most of my files with me for the trip.  Thursday we woke up to find out that the hurricane was definitely on track to hit Houston and they were asking everyone to stay off of the freeways if possible.  My former boss, Docia, was going into the office, so she cleared off my desk and put my computer in an inside office.  That’s really all you can do to prepare for a hurricane when your building is all windows.  I worked from home that day and took a mid-day trip to Wal*Mart to buy some last minute hurricane supplies – pop tarts and crackers, peanut butter and whole wheat bagels (there was no bread left!).  Thursday night was just watching the news and seeing how bad this really was going to be.

I spent the day Friday working from home – it was a happy distraction. I had planned to just hunker down at the house with the pups.  At the last minute, my friends Jen and Jeremy called and said that they would come pick me up so my car could stay in my garage, but I wouldn’t be alone when all of this hit.  I got out to their house around 6:30 and we went around the neighborhood on Barney, their psuedo-golf cart, surveying preparations.  On our way home the wind kicked up BIG TIME – the storm was a -comin’!  The sunset was BEAUTIFUL though:

The night of the storm was a little rough.  I found out that Sienna Plantation lost power at 6:30, and where we were, Sienna Point, lost power at 10:45.  Once we lost power, Jen and I joined everyone else that had already gone to bed.  Panch, Jolee and I were on an air mattress in one of the rooms and it was a restless night of “sleep” to say the least.  When we got up the next morning at 6ish, there was a LOT of tree damage in their neighborhood.  Some of us went riding around to survey the damage and actually went by my house as well.  I lost parts of my fence (VERY MINOR) and found out that I had some water damage inside (leaked through the dryer vent on the roof, through the attic and down the chandelier in my dining room.  The water was contained to the table though, so it was easily cleaned up.  There were tons of trees uprooted and fences blown down.  The fences on the corner lots were the most beat up.  A few pics are below – one to note is of a community pool between my neighborhood and the place I was staying – the picnic area was covered by a roofed structure with brick pillars – they collapsed in the storm – it was probably the most surprising thing I saw in the damage directly around me.

My fence:

Other side:


Other damage:


We got power back earlier today, which was a blessing and a relief!  I did notice that Pancheaux must have gotten bit by something along the way though.  His face swelled up – I’ve been giving him benadryl today, but it doesn’t seem like it’s receding all that much. We might have a trip to the vet in the next day or so…

This is what he usually looks like:

And here’s what he looks like now:

Other than that, we’re hanging at the house – trying to conserve as much gas as possible. Hopefully what I have lasts me for the next few days – the lines to get gas ARE as bad as they look on television – I think that the gas supply will be replenished over the next couple of days, AND less people are going to be relying on gas for their generators as power gets restored. 

As for my office, I’ve been told that it’s on the bad side. There are multiple windows blown out, etc.  My former boss drove by and counted the floors and it does look like our floor was definitely affected, but not our offices as we are on a corner, so we’re a little more protected.  No one has been allowed in the building to assess the damage due to safety concerns, and that will not happen until later this week at the earliest.  There’s no telling when WE’RE actually going to be allowed back in.  It could be weeks, if we aren’t relocated prior to that.  So I’ll be working from home for the foreseeable future.

Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and your prayers.  God protected me and all of my friends that I know of at this point.  We might not have been real pretty going through this, but we made it!  And one thing I will say is that even though we saw some amazing tree damage, NONE of the trees landed on houses that we saw – that is incredible!  Even my friend that lives closest to the coast managed to escape major damage.  AND my friends that had to reschedule their wedding, were able to get a date with all of the same vendors and the same location, only 2 weeks later!  So we have something fun to look forward to in the coming weeks…

God bless you all!  Much love!


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